Students Witness 3D Innovation at Panalpina

BIFA is grateful to Panalpina World Transport, who for the second year running, kindly hosted a group of logistics students from the HLA – Die Flensburger Wirtschaftsschule – a vocational college in northern Germany, giving them a fascinating insight to their company and an innovative vision for the future.

The students, who all work for logistics companies all received a behind the scenes tour of Panalpina’s UK/Ireland regional headquarters at London Heathrow.

Chris Cooper, managing director UK and Ireland kicked-off the day with an overview of their organisation and then gave an interesting insight in to his career and why logistics is such a great sector to work in. ‎ Steve de Croos, country head of logistics UK/IE then really enhanced the student’s knowledge by explaining the challenges and issues of the supply-chain, its management and the logistics that support it.

In addition, they saw a potential vision of how 3D printing may be able to supply-chain in the future, by printing products locally rather than shipping them, for example, from Asia. Whilst 3D printing is still in its early stages, experience tells us that printers will become faster, more affordable and the quality will increase. Some fun was had with a 3D printed replica – showing the quality – of the FIFA World Cup, which the German lads absolutely loved.

Katie Herdman, country head of human resources UK & Ireland concluded the day with talk about careers and how we need to attract more young people to the industry. She emphasised that there are lots of opportunities within the sector, those that grab them with both hands will do really well and go far.

Kirsten Lund, logistics teacher, HLA – Die Flensburger Wirtschaftsschule said: “Thank you so much to BIFA for arranging the visit to Panalpina for us. The students really enjoyed it and learnt so much and it will really help with their wider knowledge of the industry. To have so many of the Panalpina’s senior management give up their valuable time to spend with us, is really appreciated.”